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Anticipating the potential for events to occur is key to enabling a forward thinking approach to management and implementation strategies, and is a key regulatory focus.

Risk is not only about limiting negative outcomes. Engage in a mindset change, where the potential for positive outcomes is always considered. Limit your potential for PAIN, take advantage of your potential for exponential GAINS:

  • ERA Pains & Gains™ proprietary risk approach for the Life Sciences

  • Pains & Gains workshops

  • Integrating methods of risk management into the design and development effort

  • Risk Management Implementation

  • Risk Assessment facilitation

  • Risk register

Your partner to mitigate your potential for pain and consider your exponential gains is here. Contact us to see how you can benefit.

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We have extensive experience running Risk Management workshops and a particular focus on Risk Ranking activities associated with URS Specification Development.


As Risk Management is more than just outputs at design and pre-implementation phases we can advise you on how best to manage risk across the full data or system lifecycle.


The Greenway Hub | Technical University Dublin | D07 H6K8 | IRELAND


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