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Application Lifecycle Management

How your enterprise applications are managed throughout the data lifecycle will determine the security and quality of your data, and will ultimately empower your workforce.

Your Enterprise GxP application lifecycle management partner is here.

Contact us to see how you can benefit.

How we help make your implementations more effective

Evolving technologies determine how you access and interact with your data. SaaS products, multi-tenant cloud services, vendor led software updates, migrating from legacy applications, all require a careful consideration of how best to enact organizational change and enable its users to:

  • Consider a data integrity approach to your (GxP) automation 

  • Frontload your implementation projects with planning and engagement worksessions

  • Employ ERA Change Agency to have your engagement facilitated by an impartial 3rd party with forums for feedback to remove “heat from the room”


What we offer as part of the ALM Service

ERA Sciences know how Application Lifecycle Management can be done well (35+ years of in house experience). Let us use our knowledge of key concepts and innovative tools to drive more successful outcomes, and make sure that your implementation delivers a system with the right requirements for business stakeholders and ensure ROI is realised.

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