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Enhance your knowledge in as little as 6 minutes.

ERA Sciences' eFlex platform offers a wide variety of learning solutions that suit your every need. We offer both free and paid online courses, as well as in-person training and hybrid training.

Our Services


Need to upskill? Our Flexible Learning EXcellence (eFLEX) platform offers a wide range of courses built to accommodate virtual and in-person learning. We provide a comprehensive learning experience, catering to various preferences.


Need help evaluating data integrity, IT compliance and risk maturity? We analyze data management practices, ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, and assess the overall risk management framework.


Need support planning governance programs to drive positive outcomes? We ensure smooth transitions and effective management and can provide change agents to drive and facilitate the implementation of these governance programs.


Need help implementing managed services for IT compliance and risk facilitation? We ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and mitigate potential risks. Benefit from enhanced IT compliance and risk management.

Our Pillars of Excellence


data integrity

At ERA Sciences, we believe that data integrity leads to good product quality.

With assured data integrity, you enable the right people to have the right data at the right time.



We know that Application Lifecycle Management helps enterprises streamline processes, improve quality, and maximise the value of their software assets, which is why we've made this one of our four core pillars.



We believe that effective risk management reduces catastrophe to patients. We will help you to reduce your non value add activities and focus your risk efforts.



We believe engaged people are a key enabler of success. Our industry-leading approach to stakeholder engagement has helped client teams achieve the results they desire.

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