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The Four Pillars at the Core of ERA Sciences

Why Data Integrity Matters:

A data-enabled workforce enhances organisational practices and makes intelligent business decisions, but how can you ensure that your data is reliable?

The quality and integrity of your data is fundamental to the quality of your product. Getting data integrity right ensures the manufacture of safe, reliable and effective products.

By fully understanding the end to end data lifecycle you can assure customers,  stakeholders and regulators that you are in control of what’s happening and understand fully where the potential risks could lie.


Having your subject matter experts collaborate in a Culture of Data Integrity Excellence could be your biggest asset to achieving sustainable business outcomes.


  • Improve organisational effectiveness, driving high quality data decisions through a systematic approach to data lifecycle management

  • Target your effort where it matters with a risk-based pains & gains approach 

  • Unlock your people potential through collaboration and internal innovation

  • Evaluate existing Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to ensure the data is working for them and eliminate non value-add activities


How can you further unlock your organisational potential?

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