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Whether it is a new product development, a project or continuous improvement each initiative big or small has the potential for innovation, creativity and the possibility of empowering your teams and strengthening the organisation’s culture of excellence. How do you encourage innovation to happen?

A collaborative approach to innovation gives your project the best chance at being successful.  Leverage the ‘experience in the room’, and get the collective experience of your subject matter experts. Not only that, it helps to cement stakeholder engagement from the get-go!

Here is some ‘tooling’ you can use:

  • A “design thinking” approach to innovative problem solving by maximising the experience in the room

  • ERA Process Design Worksessions™ to maximise collaboration and collective decision-making

  • Change Agents to ensure open communication from planning to implementation phases

  • Project Engagement Clinics

  • Facilitated Business Process mapping

  • Forums for communication and engagement across your company

Your partner to unlock your potential for innovation & collaboration is here. Contact us to see how you can benefit.

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We are experienced and have extensive knowledge of what is realistic and practical for the stakeholders we work with.

Collaboration and support is tailored specifically to you and your organisation. At every stage of a project it will be clear to you how we are helping you to meet your short, medium or long term objectives


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